Jay Cobs - 2021

Who's Jay?

About me

Belgian graphic designer based in south of France, I'm specialised into user experience.

Passionate about art and technologies, I started by learning desktop publishing at 16 in Namur, Belgium. Major of my school year, I've moved to France to learn plastic art and graduate in graphic design.

I worked for several advertising and digital agency, as a trainee, graphic designer, and now as lead graphic designer for Purjus, a digital creative agency near Aix-en-Provence and Picasso castle.

I'm motivated by creating with various tools, learning new art form or a funny programming languages. From industrial design, hardware prototyping, to font making and game design. When I create, I'm looking for constraints, technical of graphical. Limitations always motivated me.

Come say Hi! is you're interested in mechanical keyboards, fantasy consoles or blackletter typeface.

I worked for

Renault Renault Retail Group Alpine Karl Lagerfeld Les Mousquetaires Intermarché SciencesPo Les Presses

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